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Subject:Cease and Desist
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I am reaching out to you to provide a formal written document regarding your abusive, bullying and hate campaigns against me.

I have been made aware of several recordings:

1. Last Sunday jamming occurred, immediately several "subcontractors" came on and blamed it on IPS. You immediately came on the air indicating that you were out of town but "thanks" for catching john as I am in the beaches". 

Curious how if you are "out of town" can be privy to an infraction and to what evidence these individuals have against me. This is referred to as a "Set Up". I found the recording to be hilarious but disappointing as you made false accusations against me.

2. Last night you were claiming with VE3GUO  that I was jamming you and making outlandish claims about me.

I was not on the air at the time and I find it even more interesting that the tape shows no jamming but a "Hate Broadcast" against me again. Again this is what is called a "set up"

I was not on the air at the time as I was returning from a business trip and was happy to be with my family after a long day. 

3. There has been other instances reported to me about you on DMR, Brandmeister and Analog making false and accusatory claims or biases against me.

While I was away last week there continued to be jamming activity.

You have made several other claims on how i have threatened your family which as you know i did not. These are lies.

I do not have the time or interest to jam you in any way as it does not provide any real value or benefits. You chose to not be my friend and I am okay with that. Life goes on.

However, you are continuing this hate and bully campaign against me and I am disturbed as to your behavior last night.Your actions had Eric shut the YYZ repeater down causing an inconvenience to the ride to work and ride home net. 

I will be submitting these tapes to Industry Canada a s a formal complaint as you have chosen to submit a complaint against me. My goal is not to have you removed from the hobby but to also put in a formal complaint against your operations and on the air behavior under your several call sign personas.

You have no evidence or proof of me jamming anyone or yourself and are making outlandish claims

There are several jammers out there causing trouble to myself and yourself. As you know they are also impersonating you on YYZ and TWR and even on your own DMR net that you actually acknowledged.

The emails from the smart people on the radio is that you are a jammer, you are jamming yourself, DMR ID spoofing yourself and have hired "sub-contractors" to jam myself and others on the repeater and disrupt the ARES and Procom nets.

I have voice biometrics of the jammers and I have a very good idea of who they are and what sector they live in. They have switched to using text to speech apps to avoid detection now that they realized they have used their real voices. I hear them on 27.385. One confirmed that you paid him $100 to jam me. Another told me about the police complaint that you mentioned on DMR "i hung up on the cop and told him to not waste my time".

We have RDF readings pointing to the sector your apartment is in when jamming occurs. I have not been able to confirm if they are coming from your radios so I cannot state that you are the jammer. We have bearings that point to the Tim Hortons you were at having coffee. This doesnt mean you were the jammer.

The Eglington and Bermondsy area has been a hotspot of jamming  activity and has been identified by several TFMCS members the past few years. So has Regent park. A lot of it is from downtown making intercepts and SIGINT from my QTH difficult when low power is used. However, the mobile  surveillance activities have proven useful as well and remote probes will be deployed to improve the speed of a x-y-z intercept and provide a proper time and date stamp and actual recording of the transcation. Yes, IRMA is being reworked as a new platform. I think 2 weeks ago a rover went out and reported activity from the eglington and laird area. No one is accusing you to be a jammer as more proof is needed but you seem to have the right to broadcast over the air that its IPS, we got him, the coward. My Foxhunt program is becoming popular and will be effective as a tool to stop this activity once and for all. 

This activity started the several years ago and the day you showed up on YYZ and TWR is what was explained to me by several repeater custodians. "Hmmm we never had spoofing of wzw before until andre got his dmarc id and showed up" was told to me and i responded that someone is jealous of andre having a motorola radio or two and he is  being jammed. That jamming was from Brampton by the way. When Victor POQ and I were on there where no issues.

Jamming intensified when you jumped on the YYZ to try to police the airwaves and became a target. I told you that before

I dont know or care about this as I dont have the time or interest to go after those jamming you and me anymore as I realize it will not stop. These jammers enjoy what they do and like to cause trouble among the repeater community. Your appearance on DMR caused more trouble 2 years ago.

I would not be wasting time with Fox Hunt training and Doppler deployments if I was a jammer. That would only mean that I am training people to catch me.

I am very upset as to this jamming activity either against me, or you or others or when they disrupt the ARES, Procom or even your net.

I trust that you understand that I am not jamming you and refrain from making outlandish claims without any proof. Pleases stop this on the air bullying and harassment.

Your behavior last night as in the past has really affected your brand recognition in a negative way. I understand that you were frustrated but that was not an opportunity to bash me on the air especially with no proof that it was me. Many have asked me as to why would you hate me or even spend time harassing me and what your "hate broadcast" was all about.

Its just a hobby and I wouldnt risk it by being the jammer. I just laugh when these "subcontractors" and actual retarded jammers show up. It saddens me when a new ham tells me they hear all this garbage on YYZ and thats not what they studied for

These jammers will be eventually be caught and there are several projects in play and have been in play for some time. 

Industry Canada is aware of the situation happening in the GTA but as you know we are self policing and will become involved when persistent, abusive, derogatory behavior occurs by individuals that have identified themselves and have confirmed their behavior. The tape Andre from last night was a gift to the radio community of who you are and what your attitude is all about. I have no idea who this zeke guy is but your attack against him was not right.

Andre I hope that you take heed and cease and desist your abusive, derogatory and on air bullying against me. You are so much better than that and have a lot of work to do to grow your favorite mode of DMR and I strongly suggest you put all your effort into that task and not accusing me with no evidence that I am jamming you. You should jump in your car with your community to catch the guys. Instead of broadcasting a hate campaign against me why were you not playing checkers with your kids or watching TV with your girlfriend? Why were you so intent on spending that time hating me and trying to increase your followers to hate me as well?

I have done nothing wrong against you that would warrant such anger tinged behavior on the radio.

Sit back and enjoy the hobby and take the time to find who the jammers are and not be harassing me or accusing me of jamming. 

John ve3ips

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