comment RECEIVED about VA3HBO HAM Radio southern Ontario WARNING - ALERT

comment RECEIVED about VA3HBO HAM Radio southern Ontario WARNING - ALERT

I am aware of the injustices that you are suffering. The Canada-Wide DMR net on Sunday was a travesty.

I just want to help.

I have information that can be shared with law enforcement and I will be here if they have questions.

This is a serious offer to help; please take it as such.

This is a genuine, serious offer to help you; please do not ignore it.

Please contact me at this address - Feel free to create a new account dedicated to our communications. At this moment, you are the only person that is aware that this e-mail address exists. I have images of VA3HBO making the drone video of your apartment, but I'm not able to attach images to blog posts. 

VA3HBO's name is William Marquis - You can confirm this by a search of the industry Canada database ($callsign.QueryViewByKey?P_CALLSIGN=VA3HBO&Z_CHK=52644)

If you go to and search for 'William Marquis' - look for an image with the caption of 'A shy William Marquis after a trafficking bust'. For me it is in the middle of the 2nd row of images. Click on the image, and it will take you to a page on

The 2nd link below is the most relevant - others are just for addition background information.,0,1,2

Pranknet members also include a convicted child molester: makes reference to this archived story on the CBC:

This page is also available:

- VA3HBO associates with convicted child molesters
- VA3HBO is a convicted drug dealer
- VA3HBO is a convicted drunk driver
- VA3HBO has been charged multiple times of illegal drug production
- VA3HBO has a criminal history of harassment and mischief via telephone.


comment RECEIVED :
on 26/09/17
VA3HBO Is a Jammer06:11

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