Beware of this guy

Until recently I had never met this guy on the air or otherwise.

Now for NO reason I can't fathom he seems to have some sort of problem with me.

I have never had any interactions with him on the air or in person. I have searched my logs and he isn't even in my log book. Until last month I never even heard of the guy.
I suspect that it has something to do with my voice, or the fact that I have volunteered as  net control on the Trans Canada DMR net. The DMR Trans Canada net is a public service net dedicated to testing and training. Seems this is enough to invoke his wrath.

This is a shame, as I have never met a fellow ham operator who is not friendly and helpful. This most definitely not the case here.

He now is attacking me and maligning me every chance he gets.

Why he dislikes me I can only guess. I have discreetly asked around and it would appears that he has been known to attack anyone who so much as speaks to anyone he considers his enemy.

His M.O. is to post in every blog he can, messages that certain people are engaging in hate crimes. He like to come off  an innocent nice guy that has been the subject of hate crimes, and then proceed to attack anyone on his own hate list, which must be massive.

 Luckily they are few and far between. These personalities are normally found on the GRS band.

 It has always been my policy to completely ignore LIDS that I sometimes come across on the air.
 I am only writing this as many of my friends have warned me about these posts and on air comments that have been left about me and others.

It is truly too bad that Toronto Amateur Radio is descending to such levels

Take a close look at the picture above and decide for your self.

To all my friends, thanks for the support and see you down the log.

thanks, to author Sam14
Author :   HAM PERSON #8  (another radio operator claimed) - threatened and intimidated by VE3IPS

He is now using
his threatening and intimidation crap

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  1. Anonymous06:58

    This is extremely sad, what a disappointment for the hobby. You have our support.

  2. Anonymous06:59

    be warned this guy is the "bully" now that he is on the attack, I hope he does not start his intimidation, with his threatening and vindictive manor.

  3. Anonymous03:35

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous16:20

    REMOVED.REMOVE FROM - YARC - 2016-2017 Board of Directors
    WE REMOVED. York Region Amateur Radio Club - Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS
    WE REMOVED. Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS


  5. Anonymous17:40

    So cause all the trouble JAMMING on FM analog and DMR as he is a HATER and everyone moves to DSTAR.

    It is almost brilliant, no trash on DSTAR why? because a dog does not shit in its own yard.

    no trash on DSTAR because he is only jamming on the frequencies he has hate on or he dislikes, DMR anything that is on his HATE list he will obstruct.

  6. Anonymous17:45

    his threatening and intimidation crap

  7. Anonymous17:08

    Fooled by him ? Fooled by his car salesman chatter ?

  8. Anonymous02:52

    This known "Predator" John Leonardelli VE3IPS

  9. Anonymous20:02

    Notice he is now forcing himself into conversations on the repeaters, the example I heard was mammy mammy. or. victor / walter

  10. Anonymous21:12

    Is someone stoking the embers of VE3IPS hatred, who is having the fun?

    Johnny Peppercorn email aka PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU said...
    Ever hear this guy on the air? All he talks about is pizza and popeyes chicken and he should take his fat 300 lb body, his cigarettes and his diabetes wheelchair and go play on the york region repeater. No one cares about pizza except him. Tfm should kick him off the repeater and do it now.

    1. Anonymous21:28

      We know a coward exist

  11. Anonymous05:15

    the one that is sling all the TFMCS cesspool of feces Paul Edward Briscoe (55%) VE3KU VE3GPB and his many little "tools" gophers to spread hatred, yes VE3IPS is orchestrating (40%) of all this Amateur Radio Club attacks and abuse. Is this joyous, what they need coming from other bands. shameful for those loser !