York Region Amateur Radio Club - Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS

York Region Amateur Radio Club - 
Blank - REMOVED-  John Leonardelli VE3IPS


his - I am a victim webpage

 his - I am a victim webpage

When Life Throws you a Curve Ball
When life throws you a curve ball priorities change.
I will be hitting the ball back as hard as I can.

his threatening and intimidation crap

his - I am a victim webpage

 his threatening and intimidation


  1. Anonymous03:37

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous16:21

    REMOVED.REMOVE FROM - YARC - 2016-2017 Board of Directors
    WE REMOVED. York Region Amateur Radio Club - Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS
    WE REMOVED. Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS


  3. Anonymous17:43

    So cause all the trouble JAMMING on FM analog and DMR as he is a HATER and everyone moves to DSTAR.

    It is almost brilliant, no trash on DSTAR why? because a dog does not shit in its own yard.

    no trash on DSTAR because he is only jamming on the frequencies he has hate on or he dislikes, DMR anything that is on his HATE list he will obstruct.

  4. Anonymous17:09

    Fooled by him ? Fooled by his car salesman chatter ?

  5. Anonymous18:26

    The disruptions on all / ever Southern Ontario Repeaters and many other ABUSIVE actions, the belief is we know the person well, many of us are fooled by the car salesman chatter

  6. Anonymous05:59

    VE3IPS is likely the one responsible for random insulting transmissions in a funny voice, and playing back various nonsense. That happening and then him popping up minutes later has happened a bunch of times. VE3IPS QTH King City (Maple)

    Said here :: http://ve3twr.blogspot.ca/2017/06/paul-edward-briscoe-ve3ku-ve3gpb.html

    Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB