Organizer HAM Meetup Untruths

Organizer 2013 - 2017 Toronto HAM Meetup Untruths

Do not believe the claims of some HAM saying they were involved in any of the HAM meetups organized over the many years,   Talks  __blank(rant) _ of  self aggrandizement  showed up for one,  however was not invited,  his delusions of grandeur maybe?     Our last two recent HAM meetups he was Not told!   Also the next event he is excluded. 

Sadly  a ...blatant lier... was NOT involved in any of the HAM meetups only one organized over the many years,   This guy (mr.self-aggrandizement) showed up for one event,  however was not invited again.  Our last two HAM meets he was Not told!   The next events he is also again excluded.

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