WHO IS and the ABUSE ? See the link below.

WHO IS and the ABUSE in Toronto ?  

A nefarious "clan" in southern Ontario obsessed person(s) and vengeant degenerates have been broadcasting unauthorized RECORDINGS abusive edited manipulated audio for year(s). Spending too much time and obsessed with discrediting and slandering my call-signs, also use of domains of my call-sign for extortion.

UPDATE :: The "Scumbags" and "Criminals" in Toronto Canada have since purchased many of the domains with my callsign to spread "hatred" and nefarious activity.

The group of nefarious degenerates and criminal ham operators have registered my 10 year call-sign as a domain and wish to SELL the domains (total 15) to me for $$$$$ .... used for extortion .... every CANADIAN call-sign domain has been purchased .ca / .com by the new clan and posse of CBers and nefarious persons and used for extortion.

ABUSE BY :    

VA3HBO William Marquis,  

Bedbug Hill Rd 



VE3KU Paul Briscoe VE3GPB,  


READ explained  :

In Toronto Canada we have that nefarious "clan" playing recordings of callsign(s) on the repeater(s) .... please ignore the abuses or contact me for details about the obsessed person(s) and group.   

Thanks for your support and understanding to my many new friends.

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