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ASK TO VIEW THE VIDEO   -  VA3HBO - criminal video
DRONE VIDEO - https://bit.ly/VA3HBOcrime75

VA3HBO William Marquis

This video was made in response to VA3HBO's stalker videos:
VA3HBO wouldn't upload those videos under his own "Bill GM" Youtube account, instead he made a "Frank S" account to hide the fact that he's criminally stalking VE3WZW. In effect, he's lying about who made the videos. Not surprising, since lying is William's forte. This video proves that VA3HBO is the drone operator behind the stalker videos. The GTA ham community has been dealing with incessant jamming and playing of recordings on analog and digital repeaters (TWR, YYZ, XPR, ...) The reasons are simple. Examiners VE3IPS and VA3xxx are selling ham licenses to anyone for money; no studying or testing required; this is polluting the ham community by allowing all sorts of scumbags on to the ham bands.
VA3HBO William Marquis is one of those frauds who paid for a ham license. Others include VE3DJZ. VA3HBO holds a Morse endorsement, but does not know Morse.
Direction finding operations during jamming sessions led to VA3HBO's 11 element UHF beam on the roof of in Scarborough. You can see that beam and his other antennas in this video.

VA3HBO IS THE MAIN INDIVIDUAL WHO IS JAMMING YYZ, TWR AND XPR. These hams are also participating: VA3IPS, VA3AEP, VE3KFQ, VE3DJZ, VE3HJL VA3HBO has a long history of antisocial and criminal behaviour. Googling "VA3HBO" gets a hit on RadioReference.com member "hempster"; hempster's personal information says "William Marquis VA3HBO", who registered his "hempster" account on or before 2004. Googling "William Marquis hempster" shows that VA3HBO is a long time criminal:

The returned hits show that a Toronto man named William Marquis, who used (and continues to use) the nickname "hempster" has convictions for multiple crimes and was the financier as well as the second in command of the Pranknet organization. Pranknet members are sociopaths. Pranknet was responsible for terrorizing victims and causing extensive property damage. VA3HBO is a member of Pranknet, a convicted drunk driver, a convicted drug trafficker, is responsible for criminal harassment and destruction of property: 

VA3HBO "Marquis busted for his role in a $4 million pot growing operation.":
"a red-faced VA3HBO Marquis wept" during a bail hearing

ABOUT Pranknet



As she grew more frantic, the crying woman pleaded, "Can I leave? I want to get out of this room. Please."   


Pranknet had teenage girls strip nude in public:

 "...successfully convinces the 3 female employees to undress fully nude OUTSIDE and URINATE ON EACH OTHER" Pranknet had a hotel desk clerk unknowingly drink urine: "Well, I need to inform you of something, ma'am," "I want you to understand that you just drank that man's urine." Pranknet threatened to rape women and their children:
"...calling up female Craigslist advertisers offering baby clothes, toys, or Winnie the Pooh swings. After sweetly extracting the home address where he can come and purchase the items, the man then announces that he's headed over to rape the woman and kill her children." VA3HBO "Marquis offered a $500 bounty to anyone who could succeed in getting someone to drive a car through the lobby window of a hotel." That bounty WAS PAID by VA3HBO. *** THIS GROUP OF DEGENERATES WAS FINANCED BY VA3HBO *** And more recently, VA3HBO has been engaging in a campaign of lies against VE3WZW, falsely accusing WZW of jamming ham repeaters when in fact it is VA3HBO, using his 11 element UHF beam to harass GTA hams. On Saturday, September 16, 2017, VA3HBO committed felony stalking by illegally flying his drone in close proximity to buildings, vehicles and pedestrians (in violation of Transport Canada rules) in order to peer into VE3WZW's home and then later create his stalker videos. Unfortunately for VA3HBO, he lingered far too long (about 30 minutes) at the scene and was discovered hiding across the street from VE3WZW's home, operating, landing and retrieving his drone. VA3HBO William Marquis has a long history of amoral, illegal, sociopathic behavior and he continues down that path today and will continue to do so in the future. VA3HBO's actions are condoned by his friends who act as enablers and provide cover for him: VE3IPS John Leanardelli VE3AEP Domenic Narducci VE3KFQ Doug Hodgson VE3DJZ Huey Salmon
These individuals are all blaming the jamming activities on VE3WZW, even though they know that the true culprit is VA3HBO. VE3IPS and VA3xxx are responsible for criminals like VA3HBO being licensed hams. The situation will only get worse as these examiners sell more ham licenses to unworthy recipients.

- video removed from youtube
ASK TO VIEW THE VIDEO   -  VA3HBO - criminal video


- video removed from youtube
ASK TO VIEW THE VIDEO   -  VA3HBO - criminal video

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