Clickbait Website Fraud and Fake claims made by Degenerates


Please be WARNED links on the VE3WZ_.cXm are Dangerous!!
example :   alert links -   ?view_as=subscriber
Do not visit the website 

We understand the attempt to try to discredit !!!, right ?
The entire website is Untruthful Not owned by callsign owner :)

The call-sign owner has NEVER post on that trash website

FRAUD : my "Name"  is used by CRIMINALS on some child-like website!    "Extortion"

We understand the attempts to try to discredit the domains callsign owner with extortion

*** He, I (Andre) have Not visited that website and will Not.  Fraud post with my name I was told about. ***

Phishing websites ve3wz_.cxm :   Clickbait website Fraud and Fake claims on ve3wz_.cxm made by degenerates in Toronto Canada.

The website exist as ve3wz_.cxm   domain NOT associate to call sign owner   and contains childish trash, the website is owned by proven criminal(s) that no one wishes to associate with in Toronto Canada, except on the one (1) cb style repeater that has the frequent clan of other degenerates.

The entire website is filled with the hatred and views from the same (4-5) persons posting over and over with the fraud and fake abusive content on the ve3wz_.cxm domain.

We wish the two1 two2 fat bastards and group would do something in the outdoors and get some exercise, because they have been abusing Toronto repeaters for far too long.

It was noted that the fake website as explained here was purchased by the criminal(s) as detailed within the blog1  blog2.

WARNING A CLICK IS "subscriber"
WARNING A CLICK IS "subscriber"

 FRAUD : my NAME IS USED BY CRIMINALS on some child like website "Extortion"

Andre V_3WZW, "Any claims of names or call-sign(s) on that website is slanderous and fraud (all false).    I do not access any phishing (fraudulent) websites and do not endorse the trash on or associate with any of the degenerates that post on that website.    So any claims on that website are NOT me"

"I have not and do not post on that phishing (fraudulent) website of criminals and degenerates" and suggest that no one visit the website.  
He said:   V_3WZW will not let others claim this is an issue associated with the callsign owner,  but recognize the criminal(s) and abusive attacks and slander by degenerates 
Like many that just do not want to have anything to do with these criminals from Toronto Canada.

Did they get kicked out of the DollarStar network?  No one talking to them on $Star?  The best place for them is the CB repeater down town Toronto,10-4.   The "troll" always eager to talk to someone.    But everyone is leaving and moving away, see facts and stats

We understand the attempt to try to discredit

Link here :
ABOUT US  this website and blog

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