VA3XFT Don Trynor VA3XPR on Nefarious Disturbances and Criminal activity in Toronto Canada

This is in hopes that the wrongful claims by VA3XFT Don Trynor VA3XPR on some little twitter social media does not associate the call-sign and person with the nefarious disturbances and criminal activities in Toronto Canada.

Let us be clear!     The attacks on   VE3W Z W Andre   are uncalled for and Slanderous Accusations (bad and wrong).    The person and Canadian call-signs of  VE3W Z W Andre   is NOT associated with any of the trash, low life, ghetto scum, criminal activities in the city and county of Canada or the planet!

It was disturbing to read a public [Twitter] accusation about the nefarious disturbing and criminal actions by degenerates in Toronto CANADA.   The public Twitter message that did not seem to understand  the group that is responsible for the abuses and nefarious disturbances in Toronto Canada.

It was extremely irresponsible and false to claim the following (attached image) :


The "Word On The Street" (head shake)

Let us educate ourselves to the nefarious abuses and criminal activities and because we may be afraid or dismissive, let us not accuse or associate the wrong individuals with nefarious disturbances or criminal activities.  It may be irresponsible to make claims that are inaccurate.

We wonder if it may be prudent or be a respectable action to consider an apology here?  

One MUST check and read links :
- hoping for joy(but not) Z W/status/937153377636683778 G V/status/937171509235343364

@VE3W ZW :      In Toronto Canada we have a nefarious group causing anarchy, disparaging hams and alienating the ham community #hamr #hamradio #repeaters #shutdown #criminal #NotGoingToAccept !!! Z W/status/939208824485015552

VE3W Z W has NEVER posted on the call-sign domain also never visited that website of gossip !!! Anything else is FRAUD and FALSE.   The site is used for extortion to sell the domain .. NOT 

Here is to hoping passive denial resolves our city's issues.

business as usual, enjoying ham radio :)

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